About Us


Atlas Images was formed to fill the gap in the film, television and advertising market by producing high quality and high resolution photos as well as those images that are either hard to find, or expensive to obtain.

Our high quality photo images have been used on blockbuster movies such as The Great Gatsby, X-Men, Apocalypse, Gods of Egypt and XXX 3. We maintain a quality reputation amongst post-production companies as a reliable source of production ready photos for environmental work. These images and 4k footage as well as HDR files and other products have been found to reduce the labour costs for your organisation as our photo images are already vetted to ensure we provide what the production director is looking for to complete that special shot.

All our images, photos, 4k footage and HDR files have been checked for suitability by our resident Matte painter, who has worked in the film industry for over 10 years, allowing you to purchase with confidence that the images you’ve selected will meet the high standards needed for the film and television industry.

As well as our range of high-resolution raw photo image files, 4k footage and HDR files, we also offer a service of sourcing the photos and movie footage you need for your clients project.

To discuss these requirements please email us at sales@atlasimages.com.au and we will be more than happy to advise of our cost effective rates and the services we can provide your organisation.