Atlas Images Introduction

OK, so this is a bit more of a promo than a serious discussion on aerial photography, and in particular, cloud studies.

Be assured, we will get to that very soon, with monthly updates and technical assessments of images and cloud types.

For now though, let’s start with a general introduction. Atlas images is a specialised photography and video supplier, focussing (yes, pun intended), on aerial photography at altitudes predominately in the range 30-40,000 feet (9,100-12,200 meters). Our photographers are, in the main, all professional aviators; they have seen more clouds and sky scenes than we lesser ground based observers will in a lifetime.

The driving force behind our site is to provide unique images, targeted primarily to commercial clients in the film and advertising arenas.

With a wide range of image types and time stamps, they have the ability to ease the financial and time constraints in professional workflows.

There will continue to be a steady stream of new images, which may well be just to one you need for your upcoming film or add campaign, specifically in your Matte and environmental artwork. As for the ongoing content of this blog space, we will feature one image a month, providing a technical appraisal, as well, we plan to provide background data on the great diversity of cloud types, where they may be found, what altitudes they inhabit, and what climatic conditions are conducive to their creation. All this, hopefully to ensure a solid base of credibility, when you use one of our images in your project.

It is our intention to add ground based images to the collection in the future, so stay tuned for them.

Though it is not easy to comply with special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we just may be able to pull that rabbit out of the hat for you. So, while you are here, take a while to browse through some or all of the image selections available on our site.

Thanks for stopping by.