Benefits of using high resolution images for matte paintings

Benefits of using high resolution images for matte paintings


Having been asked over the years, what are the benefits of using high resolution images when preparing matte paintings for movie and television production, we thought it might be helpful to demonstrate how, using these high-resolution images, can provide substantial gains, for your company, and your clients.


The primary benefit is the cost savings using these photos in your matte paintings and other post production work. With the high-resolution photos offered at,the amount of labor spent in creating complete artwork from scratch is drastically reduced, hence providing a substantial cost saving in developing these assets.


Each high-resolution image is unaltered and in their natural high resolution state allowing full manipulation by the matte painter and environment artists to develop into an enviable image for your client’s project. With the aerial images available, taken with photographic equipment of at least 30 mega pixels, these high resolution images are of the required quality for such post production work.


A second benefit is time saving. High-resolution images allow for efficient development of environmental assets, ensuring the client timelines can easily be met. With the selection available at,the images you are looking for are sure to be available.


Another benefit by using our photos is the point of view we supply. With images that can’t be obtained by ground based cameras, these aerial images of clouds, mountains, terrain, water and in varying sunset and sunrise lighting conditions allow the matter painter and environmental artist to produce the realistic environments your clients expect.


The images available at been used in a variety of Hollywood productions, the matte painters who worked on these projects all appreciated the ease and time savings generated by their use.


Why don’t you try these images for your next project, joining the list of professionals who keep returning for our reliable, high quality images. You will then enjoy the many benefits mentioned above when you become a client of atlas images.